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The defining factor in success

The defining factor in success

Jan 21, 2021

I am excited and delighted to be launching the Lauders Capital brand and website today. This significant event is one of the highlights of my career. Not only is it the realisation of my twenty-year vision, but testament, also, to my values of integrity, social responsibility, impact and courage, and my philosophy of authentic, shared success.

There have been several factors that have significantly influenced this achievement. Of course, I needed to identify and implement a strategic plan to fulfil the vision. However, the defining factor was joining with colleagues Clinton Burke and Fran Li, who not only had the skills set and expertise required but lived the same values as me and embraced the philosophy of shared success.

It was our common values and philosophy that created opportunities beyond the expected. The more our team delivered successfully with integrity-based performance, the greater trust and loyalty we generated in our investors. This trust underpinned growth in our network and was the foundation of our ability to source warm leads from loyal investors.

It is easy to champion values; we see this everywhere in the corporate world. The challenge is to authentically live and breathe those values. At times, across the past 20 years, adherence to our values may have cost us time. However, I have always viewed this as an investment, and it has always ended in greater returns—both holistically and financially.

The launch of our new brand and website signifies a shift into the greater global marketplace where our track record precedes this opportunity we now share with investors.

Sincerely Craig

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