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Lauders Capital launch 20 years in the making

Lauders Capital launch 20 years in the making

Jan 21, 2021

The launch of encapsulates 20 years of vision, confidence and calculated risk-taking from director, Craig Bass.

In 2000, Craig, with his corporate background and expertise in structuring businesses for growth, joined his brother Grant in Lauders Real Estate. In the ensuing 10 years, Craig bolstered his exposure and hands-on expertise in the residential construction, agribusiness, business consultancy and real estate sectors. 

During this time, Craig formulated a vision based on the foundational understanding that real estate was at the end of development pipeline and that business growth was dependent on moving back down the pipeline to create fully integrated business. Initially, Craig focused on land development; this changed radically with a watershed moment—a cliché—when Lauders Group realised it needed to be the master of its own destiny. That is, to deliver end-to-end service in all aspects of Australian property: development, identification, purchasing and raising capital. By 2011, Craig had identified the vision and mapped out his 10-year strategy. 

The expansion into broad acre developments provided a springboard into the international market with an office in Nanjing, China, from 2011 to 2013. Fran Li joined the team in 2012 as International Manager and made a critical impact with her ability to forge relationships with investors from the Asian market. Clinton Burke had worked on projects with Craig for more than a decade and, in 2013, joined the team as Director of Developments. Clinton brought exceptional expertise and energy to generate growth in broad acre property development. This appointment coincided with the establishment of Lauders Development (2012) and then Lauders Group (2013).

In 2016, Craig set in motion the next phase of the strategic plan by establishing Lauders Capital. Through strong and consistent performance in the investment sector, Lauders Capital achieved an Australian Financial Services Licence (ASFL) in January 2020 following three years as a corporate authorised representative (CAR). Lauders Capital now acts as the engine for all Lauders Group businesses, providing investment support for development projects, its real estate business and associated entities. Since achieving its AFSL, the business has continued to experience substantial success despite the difficulties presented by 2020.The launch of the Lauders Capital brand and website is testimony to the credibility and past performance of Lauders Group. It completes an end-to-end service loop and strengthens our legacy through a commitment to developing high quality and environmentally sound estates and delivering fair and equitable community opportunities. Lauders Capital underpins investment support for more than 2,000 lots in the pipeline.

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